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Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
an arson. >> it's omazing time as the orioles get set to take on the texas rangers in that one do or die playoff game. >> make it or break it. we want to send it out to jeff hager who is at buffalo wild wings getting a feeling of the crowd. >> reporter: right now it's the mumbling. there's a buzz in the air and it's growing louder and louder. the o's fans have been on the same roller coaster ride. they were looking at about a 12-hour day, counting down until that game that all eyes will be on tonight. it may sound like any other day here at vehicle service plus in bel air but a glance at this sign tells us all thoughts are on the orioles beating the rangers. >> it's going to be a tough game but i think we'll do well. even though we're in texas, we'll do well. the bull pen is hanging in there. >> reporter: the plaque and orange is evident -- black and orange is evident on main street. >> it's been so exciting. they're a young team. it's great to see them playing so hard. it really gets you excited for the orioles. >> reporter: city leaders are also feeling the o's magic. >> we're e
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
the ranger. it's the wild card game. if they win they will be back home for the divisional match up against the yankees. we talk to orioles fan who are fired up. >> i'm proud of the orioles. i would love to see you go all the way. >> thank you orioles forgetting us this far. we love you. go all the wait a minute. >> let's go orioles. yeah. >> yeah. all right. getting excited about the orioles. everybody looking forward to the game. >> mike who is live at buffalo wild wings for a orioles pep rally. looks like are you out of your comfort zone. >> reporter: look at -- how cute is this kid. this is harper. how cute is this? take a look at -- we are having a ball down here at -- she has been hanging out a night and day with me. we have a great crowd. take a look around. lot of orioles fans, sea of orange down here at this hour. we are give away -- cool free stuff. this is my man. lead -- go head. go. >> orioles! >> or orioles! >> pressure is on. the eve of one of the biggest games baltimore has seen since 1997. this is going to be a blast, buffalo wild wings the place to be. the wings, b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2